Behind the Paddle: Electric Play 101

Welcome to the official blog of "Behind the Paddle" Podcast, where we delve into the latest episodes and discuss all things related to sex. In this blog post, we will be focusing on the very first episode titled "Electric play 101" where Cameron shares valuable insights on the dos and don'ts of electric play.

What is Electric Play?

Electric play is a form of BDSM play that involves the use of electrical stimulation to create sensations on the body. It can range from mild tingling to intense shocks, depending on the devices and settings used. This type of play requires a thorough understanding of safety precautions and proper techniques to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience for all parties involved. On this episode we discussed the violet/neon wand, E-stim series 2b and E-stim flux.

Why explore Electric Play?

Electric play is very versatile; it can be used for pleasure, pain and sensation allowing for a whole host of scenarios including interrogation scenes and predicament play.

The violet or more modern neon wand is a great introduction to electric play as it can be used for sensation as well as pain. It makes an amazing noise, so is great to use with a partner who is blindfolded. It sounds intimidating but can be used on lower settings for a sensual sensation or on a higher setting for a sharper sensation sometimes described like a bee-sting. It also has an attachment which makes you electric. The current runs through you and anything you are holding into the other person. 

The flux and 2b are very similar style to tens machines but a lot more powerful! The pads cause an electric current to move through the muscle, over-riding the electrical signals from the brain, moving them independently. In doing so you can completely control that area of a person's body and cause them to lose all motor control of that area. This can range from a person being unable to control their legs to them having a built in vibrator when used on different parts of the body.

The flux  is battery powered so is portable but isn't as strong. It can also be plugged into a phone and used remotely using x- toys. X-toys is a website which allows for multiple remote devices to be used at once and have different effects on each other. Can be voice activated, motion activated so the potential uses are endless...

The 2b has a lot more settings, giving you a lot more control, but is also bigger so is less portable than the flux. It has the option to be mains powered, this option allowing a greater range of power. It also has isolated channels meaning when running multiple currents at the same time, they run independently to each other.


Electric Play Safety: The Do's of Electric Play

 Do be aware of factors which affect conductivity and stamina like sweat, moisturiser, health conditions, hair, skin thickness and size of muscle.This varies person to person.

 Do start with low-intensity settings and gradually increase the intensity as desired, your stamina will increase over time.

 Do use safe and reliable electrical devices specifically designed for BDSM play.

 Do establish a safe word or signal to indicate when to stop or slow down the play and always check in with the person regularly.

Do be aware of RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink. There are risks in kink, you can only do your due diligence to be aware of them, not always avoid them all together.

The Don'ts of Electric Play

 Don't buy electrical devices from non-reputable sources for electric play.

 Don't break the connection with skin without switching off the machine to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

 Don't engage in electric play without proper knowledge and understanding of the equipment being used.

 Don't ignore any signs of discomfort or pain from either partner during the play, if the muscle spasms, STOP.

Don't allow the current to run though you or your partner's heart or brain (better to play below the waist).

Don't play with electrics while pregnant.

Overall, electric play can be a thrilling and intense experience when done safely and consensually. It is important to educate yourself on the proper techniques and safety measures before engaging in this type of play. Johanne's reviews is a good resourse for lots of electric information. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on paddle play in future episodes of "Behind the Paddle" Podcast!

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